2012/Basic Benefits

Fidelitytools is software created for the support in marketing, sales, control of sales forces, publishing online editorials and newspapers or public relations.
The system started in 2001 and its first customers were already accumulating databases and sending information or offers to specific segments. These past years Fidelitytools has grown, encompassing more than 260 companies that use various features of the software.
The growth of the tool is due to spiral development. Each new necessity of a client is developed, subsequently transferring that new feature to all the subscribers to the software. This enables permanent improvements and dynamic updates.
Fidelitytools is a key tool for commercial, strategic and businesses autonomy of current and future companies.

Development. Action. Result

Fidelitytools is the fundamental organizational support tool in terms of marketing, sales, relationships and handling of the organization's information.

Segmentation of Databases
Amongst the benefits of this system, there is the technical feature that allows the administration and handling of databases. The software allows immediate internal communication, with clients and the capture of new clients' data.
Fidelitytools initially specializes in intelligent segmentation. Thus clients can be created, divided or classified according to Data, Profiles and Preferences.

Database certification
Fidelitytools has characteristics that allow the database administrator to certify the reliability of the data loaded, modify it and control duplication in different customer and segment lists.

Generation of multimedia contents: Press releases/Offers/Newsletter/Campaigns
The system opens the doors to informative creativity, allowing for information to be constructed for shipment or public showing in diverse formats, images, texts, audio, links or videos.

Graphic templates
It enables the incorporation of tailored graphical designs that later can be self-managed alongside the contents: photos, prices, descriptions, videos, etc.

Information System
Fidelitytools allows the creation of information and its shipment to user databases in diverse formats such as programmed newsletters, newsletters and automatic messages, sms, audio, Bluetooth, etc., with the technical capacity to send up to 100,000 simultaneous emails for each campaign, 4000 sms per hour, make up to 100,000 telephone calls per hour, as well as other specific programming options.

Delivery Statistics
All the deliveries made through Fidelitytools are controlled according to contacted data, time of contact, frequency of visualization, and general statistics of campaigns.

Private Areas
This service allows the creation of private pages, assigning codes and passwords for restricting the showing of information to specific people. In these private pages, it is possible to upload text files, images, links and videos. Once the information is uploaded to a private account, the system allows an automatic new upload alert to be sent to the user.

Telephone Directory
The telephone directory on Databases is very useful when searching for information by companies or by individuals, with general or restricted access for the visualization of the specific data of each sales executive. This function is very practical when monitoring potential clients.

Catalogue and Online Commercialization
 Independent Catalogues
These systems allow the user to upload images, links, audio-visual material, text descriptions, product number, price and stock. Create categories, load and take down products online in the commercial dynamics or link it to the organization's stock systems using interfaces.

Online Marketing
The Fidelitytools Catalogues have a complete pre-established purchase cart network allowing the downloading of purchase summaries and linking them to international online payment systems.

Benefits System
For permanent or sporadic Sales Promotions, Fidelitytools associates its product catalogues, systems that permit the accumulation of points, money or percent of sales, through online purchase or in purchase categories.

Operative Options
This Fidelitytools feature allows the System administrator to download all the Databases used online. Upload complete Lists of databases.  Receive operating instructions.  Modify Profiles and Preferences of the databases.

0810 - Telecommunications
The Telecommunications servers provide, at this link, the statistics, recordings of calls to telephones provided by Teledirecto (0800, 0810 or helpline landlines), Audio newspapers, Audit of Archives, Audit of Archives.

General Administration Access, access to specific zones
Fidelitytools allows the segmentation of administrators for any of the features and users with restricted access to specific databases, content uploads or information systems.